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Catherine Coyette

Rédactrice et pigiste freelance depuis 2020, Catherine mixe sa passion de l’événementiel où elle promeut les micro-brasseries artisanales avec l’écriture. Elle forme également des profils variés à la plume. Un brin féministe, la défense du statut des femmes dans la société lui tient particulièrement à cœur. Italienne de naissance, elle s’y échappe chaque année quelques jours. Soucieuse de l’écologie, elle est la reine de la récup’ et des bons plans…

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Douze février, the positive Insta account  

Julie Bourges, alias Douze Février on the social networks, is followed by over 600,000 people. A resilient young woman, the influencer had a very close brush with death on February 12, 2023. During carnival festivities at her secondary school, her fancy-dress costume caught fire, and she will forever remain a ‘burns victim.’ This year she is bringing out ‘Every Day Counts’ with Marabout publishers.

A book to go behind the scenes with and understand the background. In it she paints the portrait of a woman who wishes to live. Julie also emphasises the way her journey has been influenced by Winnie Harlow, a model affected by vitiligo, for whom beauty has more than one face. Her Instagram account is bursting with body-positive thoughts. She confirms and reassures: in life, it is possible to survive (in)visible injuries and traumas. We love the vim and vigour, the positive vibes of this young fighter. Irregardless of a body which has burst into flame, she demonstrates through a series of vibrant photos that you have to make the most of each moment. An Insta account you should subscribe to this summer if you want to be bathed with positive waves.

Xiaomi International Theme Competition 2023

Xiaomi is launching its second brand campaign: Xiaomi International Theme Competition. This global leader in consumer electronic equipment and smart manufacturing is issuing an original challenge to creators the world over, by means of the slogan: ‘Global Expressions, Local Inspirations.’ The campaign’s appeal? Offering everyone the opportunity to become a star of theme design. All that counts are passion and creativity.

Through this competition, the manufacturer is connecting with consumers to offer a personalised and user friendly MIUI (user interface) designed by professionals or by amateurs. Xiaomi is rewarding prizewinners with cash prizes and other awards. It’s the opportunity for ordinary artists to gain useful exposure and land commercial partnerships. So, for the curious and the interested, you have until November 1 to try your luck…

The photographer using AI to cast the next James Bond

Alper Yesiltas, a photographer and lawyer by profession, unveiled original portraits of celebrities in 2022. By means of artificial intelligence (AI), he ages stars who have passed away.

What would Lady Di look like ‘if nothing had happened’? Who would Keith Haring be today if he hadn’t died of AIDS at the age of 31? These days AI allows extraordinary technological achievements. Yesiltas recently took to musing over the identity of the next James Bond. It was by combining Midjourney, Dall-E, Artbreeder and Faceapp in particular that he has tried to represent Daniel Craig’s successor. The artist has revealed a series of convincing photorealistic portraits. In them, placed in filmic settings, are Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Aaron Taylor.  And you, what do you think of them? Who will land the job? It’s anybody’s guess, and all bets are off.

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