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Lucie Roulet

Lucie a 23 ans et est actuellement en bac 3 à la HEAJ en relations publiques/journalisme et communication. Ce qu'elle aime ? La musique, faire la fête, lire, aller au cinéma et par-dessus tout... Whitney Houston, son idole. Autonome, efficace et très drôle, elle excelle dans son stage chez kingkong.

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A new Instagram feature

As you have doubtless noticed if you are one of the regular Instagram users, a new feature has recently appeared on the network. It is a system which involves … leaving notes. Oh yes, ever since Tik Tok became a force to be reckoned with on the networks, many users have abandoned their well-known camera and migrated to this attractive musical note. In an attempt to win them back, Instagram has been developing more and more new features, of which this note leaving system is the latest example. Its aim? To grab the attention of its original audience: young people.

What is the principle of this new feature? These notes are visible in the form of speech bubbles over conversations. They can be a maximum of 60 characters long and are visible for 24 hours. You get the drift, it’s the same principle as an Instagram Story! They can be deleted, changed or replaced at any moment, but publications are restricted to a single note at a time.

Opinions are mixed regarding this new feature. The rapid communication, the concept of leaving a group message and sharing a mood means that the application is dynamic. On the other hand, our app is swamped with messages. And at first sight that does not make the note leaving system very intelligible.

And what do we think of it? Honestly, we are not really convinced. This torrent of notes wreaks havoc in our messages and they are not always very constructive.

There’s nothing for it but to wait for a new Instagram upgrade for the next surprises.

Futurepedia: the relentless march of AIs

As everyone knows, artificial intelligences allow us to do great things. And as you may have heard, many students preparing their written work have taken advantage of this by using ChatGPT, the conversational tool developed by OpenAI. What was bound to happen has inevitably come to pass: and not everyone is delighted … The utilisation of this text generator has instead infuriated teachers and it is very likely that its use will be banned in the future. Tough luck on students; who will have to find another way of getting their work done.

Fortunately for them, ChatGPT is not the only artificial intelligence allowing content to be generated. We recently stumbled across Futurepedia and have decided to tell you more about it.

What is Futurepedia?

It is quite simply ‘the largest artificial-intelligence-based tools library’ available, boasting 925 artificial intelligences divided into 49 different categories. No, you are not dreaming, and it might just save your year! This content generator is updated daily by means of 5 tools based on the various skill sets of AI. You could use it to create videos with voiceovers on the basis of a written text, create the perfect profile photo for your networks and plenty of other things. Photoshop is no longer required!

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