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François Genette

News addict, geek culture fan, digital tech aficionado and hardcore gamer, François Genette is passionate about everything related to digital. A journalist for nearly 15 years in the major national and local media, he now uses his pen to share his discoveries from the worlds he loves.

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Friday is weekly: a summary of what the team has seen, read, listened to and wants to share with you.

Adobe Podcast: AI to the rescue of all budding podcasters

Do you know Adobe? You’ve got it, the Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Illustrator software applications; that’s them. The American firm is continuing to develop its offer for content creators of every kind. The most recent addition to this category, Adobe Podcast. The principle is simple: to help people get started on the creation of audio content to be able to easily produce high-quality recordings intended for streaming platforms.

YouTube ThioJoe

To do so, the Adobe programme uses Enhance Speech technology, which is based on … would you believe it, an artificial intelligence system. This AI will analyse the recorded audio stream, adjust the volume homogeneously, standardise the soundtrack by removing the interference sounds and by removing the echo, to make it all clear and enjoyable to listen to. And that’s not all: the software can also help you by offering a simple editing system for which no particular prior knowledge is required. And another assistance providing tool is the Mic Check AI which will detect if you are correctly positioned in relation to your microphone, to make sure your voice is perfectly recorded.

One final interesting bit of info. You can try out Adobe Podcast for free. So, if you want to have a go at creating a sound programme, it’s this way: https://podcast.adobe.com/

The CES 2023 and its exciting futuristic innovations

After several difficult years following the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminal event in technological innovation is looking in great shape at the beginning of this year, with several pretty exciting futuristic gadgets.

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Amongst the new items which truly wowed us, there is this hologram system developed by the ProtoHologram firm. By using a connected device fitted with a camera (it could simply be your iPhone), you film yourself against a white background. Your 3D image animated in real time is then sent into a human-sized ‘box’ which can be positioned anywhere on the planet. Once the connection is established, you appear directly inside it! The result is particularly amazing and gives the impression that you are genuinely present! OK, the price is just as impressive, because the box will set you back a mere 60,000 dollars.

Let us continue with the arrival of the most accessible controller in the world. As we write these lines, it remains difficult to find PlayStation 5 on the market … and yet Sony is continuing to develop its range of accessories for its pet console. The most recent to date is pretty positive, because it comes as a new generation controller which takes into account any disabilities players may have. With its large buttons arranged around a circle, a joystick whose placement can be adapted, and a very flexible button configuration, it should enable those who have difficulties using standard controllers to finally enjoy their favourite play station without hindrance. We will bring to a close our non-exhaustive tour with a TV unlike any other. It is Displace, an American start-up, which offers this concept. Their 55-inch OLED television has absolutely no wires. Nope. Not even a power cable, because it is battery operated. Or rather it is four battery operated, to be precise. In terms of autonomy, we are anyway taking about one month’s worth of use, with six hours per day, which is really not bad if it is true. Two little snags: its 12 kilograms and its price of 3,000 dollars, which shouldn’t prevent it from being set up in plenty of showrooms.

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