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Emmanuel Macron, the star of musical covers made by AI

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You certainly see them passing over the wires of your social network applications. The AI covers; these short video capsules created by artificial intelligence which cover a well-known music video by transforming the singer into a public figure are extremely funny … and are highly popular. And amongst the most used celebrities features a certain… Emmanuel Macron. But exactly why has the French president become the main character of these parodies?

You don’t have to search for very long to find them on the Internet. Musical parodies using artificial intelligence which place Emmanuel Macron on centre stage are legion. And every possible style is available. Are you looking for the French president shimmying in the skin of Angèle to the hit ‘Tout oublier’? Get on YouTube and you have:

If you want him in more ‘badass’ mode, in a more than unlikely rap duo with Eric Zemmour singing to PNL, you will have to go to TikTok to see it.


Le refrain de Zemmour est EXCEPTIONNEL 😭😭 Le Z et Macron sont QLF Pour faires vos covers : lien en bio Macron ft. Zemmour – Au DD (Cover IA PNL) #pourtoi #foryou #macron #emmanuelmacron #zemmour #ericzemmour #ia #ai #musique #remix #mashup #pnl #pnlmusic #ademo #nos #humour

♬ son original – FIASCO.FR

And next, still on the Chinese social network, it’s hard to pass by this hilarious parody of the French president singing to Heuss l’Enfoiré, with a Brigitte Macron … just a tad transformed.


Macron et Brigitte c’est pas mal aussi non ? 😂 (on arrête avec Saiyan après promis) Macron – Saiyan (Cover IA Heuss l’enfoiré Gazo + Angèle) Pour vos covers : lien en bio #pourtoi #foryou #macron #emmanuelmacron #saiyan #gazo #heuss_lenfoire #angele #coveria #coverai #ia #ai #musique #remix #mashup #deepfake #humour #drole

♬ son original – FIASCO.FR

And these are just a few examples of a multitude of reinterpretations which use Macron as the main protagonist. What do they all have in common? The incredible number of views they generate, often reaching the tens or even hundreds of thousands.

The Macronmania musical

If Macron has (very unwittingly) reached the top of the AI musical covers charts, it is doubtless owing to a specific combination of various factors.

The first is, of course, the status he enjoys. As the French president, Macron embodies the serious, a form of rectitude, but also a certain view of protocol. Seeing him shimmying to RnB or a ‘low-down’ rapper like Juss shatters this image completely, and is bound to raise a laugh.


Elle voudrait que Macron l’appelle Habibi 🥵🥵🤣🤣🤣 Macron – Habibi (Cover IA – Juss) Pour faire vos covers : lien en bio #macron #habibi #coveria #ia #humour #fyp #goviral #pourtoi

♬ son original – FIASCO.FR

Another aspect is Macron’s appearance. Permanently dressed to the nines, and impeccably coiffed, he displays a style which may be perceived as that of the ‘perfect son-in-law’ for good Franco-French families. 

Consequently, seeing him in trainers/baseball cap in a rap video or wearing long hair or dreadlocks is simultaneously hysterically funny and, once again, really weird. 

A touch of social satire

But the main aspect is the one which is doubtless the most hard-hitting, and it is the satirical dimension of these different musical covers. Emmanuel Macron is certainly a polarising political figure. President of the Republic since 2017, he is a major daily subject of conversation in France. As was true for many of his peers, he is therefore caricatured and even regularly mocked. The musical parodies which are popping up just about everywhere on the web thus serve the ends of his detractors. Nothing really very hurtful, but certainly very hilarious.

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