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Juliette Maes

Juliette graduated with a Master's degree in Press and Information from IHECS in 2020. She started her journalism career at ELLE Belgium, for which she still writes today. She is interested in feminist and social issues, including female entrepreneurship, inclusiveness and ecological transition. Professionally, Juliette is on the move. Besides journalism, she is a photographer and videographer, notably for Badger Production, a Brussels-based company specialised in corporate storytelling.

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Friday is weekly: a summary of what the team has seen, read, listened to and wants to share with you.

Helora Rose, the rising Belgian artist

Aged 26, the whole-hearted Brussels artist Helora Rose, born Héloise Volon, has just brought out her first EP. Self-taught, she decided to commit herself to music during a pause in her studies. Once she had met her manager, the penny dropped: music could become her vocation.

Thus was born the ‘Helora’ project. A first EP, but also a first personal project for which the artist writes the compositions herself. Through ‘Helora,’ Héloise foregrounds the vulnerability of her journey and her thoughts as a young woman. Emerging from the wish that those who listen to it can identify with her music, ‘Helora’ is a thoughtful and honest album which in particular touches on the subject of mental health.

In short, ‘Helora’ is a nuanced album and an artistic challenge for the singer, accustomed to compositions combining voice and guitar. For a first EP, we find the result very convincing.

The life journey of the first victim of slut-shaming

The story took place in Washington. In 1995, Monica Lewinsky was 22 years of age. She had just landed work as an intern, and then been appointed to a staff assistant’s post at the White House. The young woman very quickly caught the attention of the sitting President at the time, Bill Clinton. Having grown closer, they had a brief affair which became public. The President’s opponents tried to take advantage of it within the context of the Whitewater affair.

The man himself was first indicted and then acquitted by the Senate. But Monica Lewinsky came under a barrage of criticism. Sexist jokes and various items of ‘fake news’ flew thick and fast on the internet. Yet, she wasn’t guilty of anything, unless it was of having lied under oath over aspects of her private life. Nothing doing, all the same. She was presented as the woman who manipulated the respectable President, whose popularity increased as a result of the scandal. Ironically, it was with the help of Hillary Clinton that Monica would later take her revenge on society.

In the podcast ‘Cherchez la femme,’ Monica Lewinsky joins other women who have made their mark on the history of pop culture. The episodes are short, dynamic, and packed full of hard-hitting information. The ideal companion for your breakfast or coffee break.

The average size of an erect penis has increased by 25% in thirty years

A team of scientists made the finding after having gathered together the results of 75 research programmes on the sizes of erect penises: their average length has increased by 25% in nearly three decades.

OK, so what do we do with this info? Whilst sexual health specialists contradict each other as to the importance of penis size in the conception of a child, the authors of this study raise several questions. How to explain that penis sizes are increasing, whilst other indicators such as testosterone levels, sperm counts, plus libido and fertility, are decreasing? Studies of the evolution of the size of the vulva may demonstrate that this phenomenon, in addition to being worldwide, affects both sexes equally, but such research has yet to be carried out.

The subject is nevertheless a serious one. Reproductive health is one of the most important aspects of human biology, and such a rapid change could be an indicator of larger evolutions concerning our bodies.

Does this mean to say that, in the end, size does matter a little? Well, that hasn’t been confirmed, but if the news stresses you out, here is something which could help. – Don’t thank us.

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