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Lucie Roulet

Lucie a 23 ans et est actuellement en bac 3 à la HEAJ en relations publiques/journalisme et communication. Ce qu'elle aime ? La musique, faire la fête, lire, aller au cinéma et par-dessus tout... Whitney Houston, son idole. Autonome, efficace et très drôle, elle excelle dans son stage chez kingkong.

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A sound journey in the world of women, creation and science.

What is the daily life of mathematicians? How do we hear, feel and dream the world of mathematics? Does its language say something else about our world or does it create another one? Who are the women who think about them, create them or reveal them?

In this radio creation by Mélanie Godin and Renaud Lambiotte, the listener is led to meet several women of letters and science. Testimonies of contemporary scientists follow one another to evoke their life and their work.

We hear Ingrid Daubechies, the mother of wavelets, Claire Voisin, the geometer of algebra, Lucie Domino, the laboratory worker who tamed waves. Texts written by the Belgian authors Isabelle Dumont, Veronika Mabardi, Anne Penders and Christine Van Acker answer them by imagining fragments of life of women scientists still too unknown.

The ensemble is dressed with sound compositions inspired by women’s discoveries such as the symmetries of Noether’s theorem, the harmonic functions of Leda Galué’s drum, the search for peaks in the multi-dimensional mountains of Coralia Cartis or the prime numbers of Sophie Germain.

A proposal that is at once poetic, mysterious, restorative, ambitious and playful. It is a first exposure of a world too often considered as inaccessible whose facets constitute a cairn on the road to the recognition of women in the world of creation.

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